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Sarah was inspired to take on social media after having participated in the arts of figures skating since a young girl
She was exposed to the world of social media when her younger sister showed her the world of tumblr. From there Sarah became to culture her taste into what she portrayed as a love of luxury. From here she started a blog on Pinterest saving her favorite items in this niche-Luxury.

What was just once a hobby turned into a passion. She fell in love with these dreams and aspirations. Taking on a new world experience-Instagram.
She began to strategize on even more growth and began collaborating with other
bloggers. In less than a year the number grew to well over 90,000 followers. This is when Sarah knew she had sprung into something great.
While taking on this new journey she began to collaborate and meet some inspirations/influencers in the world;
Eduardo Gonzalez (Influencer, NY,US) of Instagram page @classysavant, one of the top of his game in the social media world has a network reach of over a million followers . Always showing how the best of the best how to do it. He was an inspired content producer at a young age when he too stumbled upon Instagram.
Ric Housel (Housel Construction, CA, US), known for his Lamborghini in music videos, and top of his league in construction. Stumbled upon the power of social media as he saw the impact it made in this world.
Rizwan Shareef (Epic Car Hire, U.K.) owner of his own hire company, succeeds not only in this business but truly believes social media holds the keys to this younger generation.
Karcher Smith (Mellennial, CA US) is now in production of his own book and has inspired people like Sarah to take on the world of bitcoin. By reaching out to her through Instagram.

Shaun Byrnes (Influencer, AUS) working alongside Giacomo Luxury. Has seen countless strengths and relationships built from his Instagram profile.
Tyree Araya (Entrepreneur, CA, US) also top of his class in E-Commerce and other things, has shown Sarah the way of Forex trading.
Michael Robinson (Business Owner, LV, US) shows how at any age you can be successful in life.
Josh Ryan (Millennial, NZ), age 17, has seen results in numbers of 5–10,000 a month just from social media.
Dion Jaffe (Drop Shipping Specialist, CA, US) meets new people not only through Instagram but through connections made through social media
Naseem Abedzadeh a close friend now to Sarah, a true entrepreneur, working closely in the industry of car flipping.
And so many more..
Sarah believes in connections, as she has made so many new relationships from it. Social media she believes is the route to finding our true potential.
July 2017, is when Sarah and Eduardo combined their skills to work alongside eachother for social media marketing skills.
Following this, in August 2017, Sarah launched her fashion of Bring to the media her styles of fashion. Within the month she also launched her Social Media course, teaching others her skills.
“Why not share the knowledge so others can succeed as well” — Sarah Antonella

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