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There’s a stigma out there that chat bots are a threat to your job. Chat bots are robots, some imagine, that will remove humans from the work force! Contrary to this belief, chat bots can be an incredibly valuable marketing tool for your business. They really are the newest development in digital marketing today, and implementing them sooner than later will keep you ahead of the curve.
A few simple reasons why chat bots are the newest, latest, and greatest marketing strategy may turn skeptics into believers. Check them out to bot your way on board:

    1. Small business owners [and big business owners alike] don’t have time to communicate with customers 24/7. Do you?!
      Chat bots can be pre-programmed to chat with your customers and answer their general questions and inquiries so your staff can spend time doing other things. No more worries about hiring a salesperson to sit by the computer answering general messenger questions. Indeed, 57 percent of consumers prefer chatting online with businesses – and there’s no need to spend your limited time typing away when chat bots can do that for you.
    2. Bots look just like a live chat box.
      Confused how a robot chatting can seem like a salesperson? Chat bots customize responses based on key words used by customers during a live chat. When customers shoot a message to the bot, the bot’s complex algorithms analyze the customer message and responds in a “very human” way. Moreover, the chat bot’s “typing” bar makes it look like a customer representative is typing responses real-time!
    3. Use bots to qualify leads.
      Bots can contain pre-programmed questions to ask your customers to get a good idea where your customers are coming from. Sick and tired of spending hours and hours trying to figure out your main customer base? Chat bots communicate with your customers with questions that you want to ask them – without any effort!
    4. Chat bots create a personal experience that’s important to customer satisfaction.
      Consumers want to feel that your product or service is customized for them and that your business works to create exactly what they want and need. Chat bots can be programmed to ask customers to take a mini-quizzes that ask a series of personal questions to get to know the customer better for a heightened customer service experience. After all, 71 percent of consumers prefer personalized ads and business experiences. And imagine if you got their name and location from these questions, too? So many marketing possibilities.

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