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Hello Everybody,
We just launched an innovative online end to end staff hiring web portal. for UK security industry.
We are looking for digital marketing expert to manage our LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and YouTube account. You must have experience to manage advertising campaign on LinkedIn and Facebook.
We are offering 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. you can chose any 5 days but we prefer Monday to Friday. You must have minimum one year experience with good English writing skills.A light graphic designing skills will be required. We also want you to manage our blog and we will provide you articles.
For Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn you will research some articles and post them. Please note we cant pay more than $4 per hour because we are still investing in this business to make it grow. We started this project in 2014 and until now we are giving away our services for free. We are three partners and we strongly believe that one day our potential clients will start buying our online HR related products and services. Any internet based business takes many years to get popular and establish.We will be guiding you via Skype sharing screen so make sure you got all the resources.