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Hey everyone! I’m Grace and I’m an enthusiastic member of the Mission 4 Media digital marketing team. I’m also a food blogger (, CBS-affiliate TV regular contributor, 20-something, and aspiring restaurant owner. Why do you care? Glad you asked, because I’d be curious, too.

Given my ultimate dream of building my own restaurants (hopefully plural) from the ground-up, I spent the last few years speaking with restaurant owners to figure out their biggest “pain points.” My logic? Learning pain points now hopefully means avoiding them when I’m ready to start my own restaurant. What was always, always, always the common headache for restaurant owners? Getting customers to come in on “slow nights.” It’s not that difficult to get people to come in on Friday and Saturday nights. But where is everyone those other nights?

I was determined to find an answer to this common dilemma. I finally found it at Mission 4 Media, a digital marketing and social media management firm. Digital marketing closes the gap between weeknights and weekends, turning weekdays into great business days. I work for Mission 4 Media directly because of the conversations I had with restaurant owners. Not only does Mission 4 Media consistently pivot to adjust their digital marketing and social media management approach as times regularly change, but Mission 4 Media also primarily focuses on assisting restaurants.

The algorithms and techniques I’ve learned here are really changing the face of restaurants not only in CT, but across the East coast. So what’s the difference between marketing and digital marketing? Marketing attempts to produce customers through happenstance. Will a billboard really convert? Will a newspaper ad really mean anything? Who knows what will produce a return on invest.

Digital marketing sells customers. How? By physically tracking where and who and how customers find you…and then targeting similar people online – through popular social media outlets and via email incentive programs. Not compelling? How about this: “77% of millennials make a purchase both online and in-store after viewing something on Facebook.” – UMass Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research (DMA, Data & Marketing Association). How’s that for compelling!

Although Mission 4 Media’s primary client-base is restaurants (and that’s one reason why I personally get so excited about working here), tracking your customers to attain more customers applies in every line of business. Our Mission 4 Media is the foundation of 21st century business, and that’s why I wanted to share this post with you.

So give me a few more years after I recover from my college debt, and I will start my own restaurant. And there won’t be a second thought in immediately initiating the digital marketing technologies and methodologies I continue to learn and implement at Mission 4 Media. Learn more about how we can help find and bring customers to your business by visiting our Facebook page, or call 860-269-4950!

Truly yours, Grace (AKA TastefullyGrace) Mission 4 Media Team Member