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Florian Seroussi, CEO and Founder of One More Company explains how to use inbound marketing and conscientious branding to best optimize the quality of leads your enterprise generates, while also setting yourself apart from the competition

According to State of Inbound 2017, generating traffic and leads is the greatest challenge for marketers. Advertisements and exciting offers are ever present to consumers, making it difficult for marketers to make their product stand out in the midst of a saturated market.

Communication between sales and marketing teams is also in a woeful state, with the study  reporting that only 22% of respondents say their organization’s sales and marketing relationship is tightly aligned. Considering these facts, businesses should better connect the efforts and resources of sales and marketing teams, while focusing on generating leads that convert.

By optimizing how your enterprise generates leads, you can make your product stand out from the crowd while arming sales with the resources they need for success.

Optimize Lead Generation Within Your Enterprise

Inbound marketing is by far the most effective means of generating qualified leads. Inbound tactics save an average of 13% in overall cost per lead and are better suited for a congested marketplace than outbound marketing. While paid advertising has its place and can be effective, more invasive tactics can turn off potential clients.

To generate convertible leads, a company should create a visible presence through thought leadership, intuitive partnerships, transparency, and effective SEO.

Become a Thought Leader

By developing consistent and helpful blogs and content, your company will stand out as reliable and conscientious. From my LinkedIn post that led to the creation of Trackbuster and then Senders, to my latest post at VentureBeat about the Unroll.Me scandal, I have made it a priority to tell it like it is while providing real solutions to problems. This strategy is followed by One More Company and has helped to establish Evercontact and Senders as leaders in the email productivity space.

Develop Intuitive Partnerships

Developing mutually-beneficial partnerships is an excellent way to gain exposure for your company while broadening the scope of your offerings . For example, Evercontact is partnered with Prosperworks, a Google-recommended CRM, to cross-promote to sales professionals who would benefit from both services.

Similarly, Senders offers Salesforce, Shopify, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and Stripe integrations, giving users of these services another reason to try Senders.

Cultivate Effective SEO

Any marketer will sell you on the benefits of good SEO but this inbound strategy should not be underestimated. You can easily learn how to draw the right leads to your site using tools like Moz Pro, which will provide you with perfect keywords, metrics, and link building tactics for your site. By being linked on the right media sites, finding the correct keywords to draw searchers, and being transparent about your services, your site will become a hub for qualified lead traffic. Thinkpiece topics can also be found by identifying the questions and needs of your users and writing blog posts to pull in searchers.

Keeping your social media feeds active and engaged with your users as you publicize your blogs, content, and latest updates will build a loyal community while drawing in their followers.

Put Transparency First

By being frank on your website and in public messaging about your company’s aims and abilities, you can form a reputation of integrity without overpromising or being deceitful about practices. If your company is consistently receiving angry emails, you should reevaluate your website’s copy, customer experience, and product. A lead is worthless if they’re drawn to your site based on a false or inflated portrayal of your services. Being forthcoming with your branding will prevent scandal and draw more convertible leads.

All of these practices alongside good design and an evangelizing sales team will make your product highly competitive. The next challenge is centralizing leads captured through leadpages, email marketing, and sales outreach.

Centralize Leads Within Your Enterprise

Marketers and salespeople can centralize their leads in a single CSV file, Salesforce account, or address book, by running ContactRescue on multiple email accounts. While many companies have basic information about leads using manually submitted information from leadpages or LinkedIn, ContactRescue provides complete information about each lead including their phone number, job title, work address, social networks, and more from their email signature.

For example, Thomas Marchand, CEO of Biomodex, a Paris and Boston-based Biotech startup that specializes in fabricating life-like organs, wanted to centralize current clients and prospects in Salesforce but was worried about duplicates and incomplete entries.When he discovered ContactRescue and ran it on the email accounts of his employees, he received a clean and complete contact database in less than 24 hours. With the time saved with ContactRescue, the Biomodex team is able to focus on developing new educational methods for medical schools and pre-op planning tools for surgeons.

Through inbound marketing and conscientious branding, you can optimize the quality of leads your enterprise generates while setting yourself apart from the competition. If captured leads are scattered in the email archives of various team members, you can then centralize them with a group ContactRescue. Overcoming a saturated market and internal disorder is quite a hurdle but with the right tools and strategies, your team can beat the odds.