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Here’s a list of 5 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes that businesses make. Changing the course of your social media campaign can be as simple as ensuring that these mistakes aren’t made. Mission4Media works to provide an easy and accessible way for businesses like yours to ensure that their social media is used most productively to create and maintain the largest customer pool possible.

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1. No Social Media Plan. Ask yourself:

  • Do my business goals and social media goals match?
  • How will I execute my social goals?
  • How will I measure my social media success?


2. Your social media message doesn’t match your audience. Ask yourself.

  • Are my audiences the same on each social media platform?
  • What are my audiences on each social media platform?
  • How will I cater my message to each audience?


3. Your posts are too long. Ask yourself:

  • Would you keep reading this post if you were a potential customer?
  • Does this post matter to my audience?
  • How will I keep my audience engaged and interested?


4. Your posts don’t engage your audience. Ask yourself:

  • Is my audience reacting, liking, and commenting?
  • How can I engage my audience?
  • How can I attain my audience’s thoughts on my social media and business?


5. Not using images to your advantage. Ask yourself:

  • Would this post be more affective as a visual?
  • How can I make this post visually pleasing?
  • Can I add a visual to this content?


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